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Power Steering Products

A New Direction In Steering Automotive parts and service professionals can depend on our steering products for the best all-makes, all-models coverage in the industry, plus enhances profit opportunities, and an OE-engineered remanufacturing process with functional testing that reduces warranty claims.

Remanufactured Rack & Pinion

Rack and Pinion Our goal is to provide service technicians with remanufactured rack and pinion steering products they can trust.  This enables them to offer their customers dependable steering performance and great value.  During our OE-engineered remanufacturing process, rack and pinion units receive close attention.

Power Steering Pumps Power steering systems depend on the hydraulic fluid circulated by the pump.  When it’s time to replace this vital part, technicians and their customers want performance and value that lasts.  That’s why we use a reman process with an OE-quality focus.

Remanufactured Steering Pumps
Remanufactured Steering Gears

Steering Gears Steering gears, also known as “recirculating ball gears” or “gear boxes”, are used in the steering systems for rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks.  We remanufacture for all makes and models with precision, using an OE-engineered process that's similar to how new gears are made.

Download the BBB Steering Products brochure

Download the BBB Steering Products brochure

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