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Brake Calipers

NuGeon Brake Caliper

Remanufactured under the strictest quality standards in a state-of-the-art facility, BBB’s semi-loaded brake calipers are built from OE castings and extensively tested to ensure the same fit, form and function as a new OE unit.  And, with thousands of SKU’s available, BBB Industries offers comprehensive coverage with both bracketed and non-bracketed calipers.

Although only the best cores, without wear, corrosion or blemishes are selected, our attention to quality doesn't stop there.  All components used in our calipers are of the highest quality, and every unit is pressure tested with the same machines and parameters that are used at OEM factories.

While the competition simply speaks of ensuring proper form, fit and function, BBB actually delivers by including new copper crush washers and hardware in every box (where applicable), and matching OE specifications on phenolic pistons.

Every BBB Brake Caliper Features:

  • Computerized pressure testing with OE equipment
  • Brackets slide testing for optimal performance
  • OE specification matching on phenolic pistons to ensure proper heat dissipation
  • All new hardware included to get the job done (where applicable)
  • VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper wrapping for prevention of rust for up to two years shelf life
  • Semi-loaded program valuing customer's friction choice
  • Proprietary “smart” part numbering system makes pair matching easy
  • Automatic date-coding of every production lot for full traceability of components and labor
  • O.E. cross reference and list of critical core components on the label
  • Award winning customer support and ASE certified technical support personnel

BBB Brake Calipers

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